Journo Rick Klein whines about Weiner junk jokes; Gets a rise out of Twitter!/rickklein/status/337625034183032832

Heh. Mostly indeed.

Rick Klein’s tweet did not go over well. The ABC political director got quite a rise out of Twitter.!/haydenblack/status/337626057668718592!/sydneyduodenum/status/337632389901737984!/LilMissRightie/status/337627809881149440


But wait, what’s this?!/rickklein/status/337653988793126913

Did Klein pull a New York Post and swear off Weiner jokes … while making them?!/trogdor8768/status/337657106641600512!/rickklein/status/337658904194453504

Aha! See? You are twelve years old too, Rick. As your junior high poetry and Obama head cheerleader tryouts can attest.!/seanhackbarth/status/337625470680055809

Never grow up, Twitter!


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