Photoshop, conspiracy theories; fans continue to claim Jenni Rivera is alive!/londyy28/status/278290509099827200

Oh, dear. As Twitchy reported, singer Jenni Rivera was a passenger in a plane that crashed over the weekend.

Just moments before taking off @jennirivera ‘s makeup artist Jacob posted this pic of them on the Lear. @myfoxla #RIP

— Gigi Graciette (@GigiGraciette) December 10, 2012

There were no survivors. Her death has, sadly, been confirmed.

Jenni Rivera Confirmed Dead; Cause of plane crash unknown (Video)

— Israel Dodge (@changehog) December 11, 2012

Photos: Jenni Rivera, Mexican music star, confirmed dead in plane crash: MEXICO CITY (AP) — Jenni Rivera, the Ca…

— Anthony G (@AnthonyG_Pc) December 11, 2012

But even the confirmation of her death is not stopping the conspiracy theories nor the claims that Jenni Rivera is still alive from making the rounds on Twitter.

i know they confirmed Jenni Rivera’s death but something tells me shes still alive!..

— ∞ Karlaaah ∞(@ICONicKarla) December 10, 2012

@iamteamcamillap they haven’t confirmed anything they haven’t found her they only found parts of the bodies of 5 but not Jenni Rivera

— Angel Mendoza (@AnqelMendoza) December 11, 2012

I feel so bad for Jenni Rivera’s son I pray they aren’t giving him false hope and everything being said is true poor baby💚 #savejenni

— Estela Flores (@OfficialEstela) December 11, 2012

They are cruelly swarming Rivera’s son’s Twitter feed with false hope, as Twitchy reported. A psychic is also preying on the grieving and devastated young boy. And it continues today.

@johnnylopezfilmmy heart tells me that shes alive!!!!!!!!!!!!! #jennirivera #savejenni #faith ❤❤❤❤❤❤stay strong

— •ṡɧσяҭყ• (@la_chateau) December 11, 2012

@johnnylopezfilmi believe she still out there. i have high hopes. #savejenni #bringjennihome

— wendy tapia(@Wendytapia08) December 11, 2012

More info from Gillbert everyone.#savejenni SPREAD THE WORD TO THE OFFICIALS!!!“–…

— paola saucedo (@klawdyazaucedo) December 11, 2012

Now, the conspiracy theories, like kidnapping, and claims that Ms. Rivera is not dead have resulted in hashtags, including #SaveJenni and #BringJenniHome.

I refuse to believe she’s dead until solid proof is out there! #savejenni

— Mireya † (@Finityy_) December 10, 2012

There’s no body or anything of Jenni Rivera after the plane crash i won’t believe she is dead otherwise she is lost, hurt, or kidnapped….

— IG: Zeno_93 (@Zeno_93) December 10, 2012

Omg you guys Jenni Rivera might have been kidnapped instead of dead.

— Isela Borjas (@IBisela) December 11, 2012

They’re thinking that they kidnapped Jenni Rivera before she even got on the plane 😱😳

— My name is Jasmin ✌ (@PenguinsTho) December 11, 2012

Jenny rivera got kidnapped. Bet $5

— John(@Drunkassjohn) December 11, 2012

Hair doesn’t confirm someone is actually dead. Its just hair #justsaying #SaveJenni

— ♥Rushing4BTR ♥ (@MarcylovesBTR) December 11, 2012

So, I kinda think they might have paused the search for Jenni today to scatter her “remains.” Then, “find” it later. #SaveJenni

— Arenis Nuñez (@heyyyyarenis) December 11, 2012

All those videos of the crash seam so real but who knows i still belive that she is a live and i know that they will find her.#savejenni

— Estephanie romero (@g_estephanie) December 11, 2012

I just want to cry with all this negativity coming from the media! I still have faith that shes out there! #savejenni #bringjennihome #FAITH

— c y n d i . ✞ (@cgeee_) December 11, 2012

Idk wat to think anymore but maybe @jennirivera s ex planned her death 🙁 idk… Hopefully Jenni is alive :3#saveJenni

— Itzel Velèz (@YeseniaPower_xD) December 11, 2012

I cant sleep im in tears just waiting for @lupillo8to give us nothing but good news #FAITH #SAVEJENNI

— ★KARi★♡6.22.12♡ 웃 유 (@Enferma5150) December 11, 2012

I have to have faith that Jenni Rivera is still alive. Nothing adds up. And they are wasting precious minutes and seconds. #savejenni

— LoRi (@JNL676) December 11, 2012

it’s this gut feeling that I know she’s out their struggling people need to stay positive #jennirivera #SaveJenni

— lonnie(@Lonnieluvzu) December 11, 2012

I don’t care what the media says I have a feeling that @jennirivera is alive! ❤ #savejenni #Faith #letspray

— Evelyn D. Guerrero (@dhayana_G23) December 11, 2012

And a sick Photoshop enters the conspiracy mix.

i just hope this picture isn’t fake but my faith is still here! i won’t lose hope! #savejenni…

— (/.) ❤ (@andreaa_adilet) December 11, 2012

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Ms. Rivera’s family. We hope that her fans will will stop tormenting her young son with such claims, and will let the devastated family grieve. In death, Ms. Rivera should not be relegated to conspiracy theory status. She was a human being; a loving mother, daughter and friend.

Rest in peace, Jenni Rivera.


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