Community Post: Justin Bieber Is Begging Seth Rogen To Roast Him

Where are you Seth Rogen?

1. As we’re all aware, Justin Bieber is getting his very own Comedy Central Roast.


2. Here’s the kicker: the Biebs really wants Seth Rogen to roast him.

Paramount Pictures / Via

3. But Seth doesn’t have what you might call a high opinion of our esteemed roastee.

4. Justin, however, is determined.

6. He’s even getting hashtags involved.

#WeWantSeth #BieberRoast

— justinbieber (@Justin Bieber)

Where are you now when I need you @Sethrogen. #WhereAreÃœNow

— justinbieber (@Justin Bieber)

8. Never say never, Seth.

Universal Pictures / Via

9. #WeWantSeth #BieberRoast

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